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Election Day diary – as it happened: catatonia edition

Pictured: Janus, god of doorways, transition, continuity, and disappointment

6:00 AM EST: As polls open across the Eastern Seaboard, millions of Americans are getting ready to not vote. “I’ve got things to do,” says a photogenic mother of three. “I’m playing video games,” says a student. “My firm already made multi-million dollar donations to both campaigns, so actually voting seems a waste of time,” says an investment broker. “My species is systematically denied the right to participate in American democracy,” says a dog.

11:48 AM EST: The Libertarian Party, the Green Party, the Constitution Party, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation ‘do in fact technically exist,’ according to cryptozoologists. “They’re just too small to be seen with the naked eye.” Meanwhile in Wisconsin, a man who claims to have received a PSL leaflet through his door is subjected to derision, confinement in a mental institution, electroconvulsive therapy. “We’re sure he’ll get better soon,” his family say. “Then we’ll have the old Tom back.” Privately, his children are being told that Daddy’s going on a business trip and they don’t know when he’ll be home.

1:10 PM EST: Millions of Americans descend upon the polls. Street vendors expect to make a windfall selling special voting prophylactics. “When you’re in the booth, it’s a very intimate moment between you and your candidate,” one says. “But a lot of people forget the risks. You’re not just voting for them, you’re voting for every shady businessman they’ve ever made an unprotected backroom deal with. Democracy is fun, but it’s important to play safe.”

6:41 PM EST: Voting starts to wind down. As dozens of states are still ‘too close to call,’ the resulting paradox forces a rift in the fabric of space itself. Virginia, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania now together occupy an area smaller than the head of a pin. Various proposals emerge to adjust their representation at the electoral college accordingly. Romney rebuffs these suggestions: “I have a deep and abiding respect for the folks of these great states. Even if they now exist only on a subatomic scale, they are still Americans.”

7:30 PM EST: In a bizarre ritual repeated once every four years, people around the world suddenly start caring deeply about Ohio. Governor’s office releases a statement: “We know everyone’s looking at us right now, but we try to shrug it off. We’ve been hurt before, you know.”

7:38 PM EST: Supposedly serious political commentators continue to report on things happening on Twitter.

7:56 PM EST: With the election drawing to a close, thousands of surplus attack ads escape from their holding pens near Dayton. The attack ads swarm over the plains of the Midwest, stripping leaves from trees and turning cornfields into barren deserts. Local citizens are encouraged to take refuge in fallout shelters and pray that the gods of their fathers grant them mercy.

8:24 PM EST: In Florida, continual seesawing between a Republican and Democratic lead ‘could push the entire state into the sea,’ seismologists warn. “Peninsulas like Florida were not built to endure this kind of constant rocking action, and it’s starting to seriously damage the structural foundations of the state. Already we’re seeing salt water flooding into the Everglades, and the city of Tampa has been ducked into the water and pulled out again so many times that it’s started babbling pleadingly about ‘where the bomb is.’ Please, guys, just make up your minds.” The government subcontractors responsible for building Florida decline to comment on the possibility of lax construction standards.

9:22 PM EST: Voting machines in Nevada attain sentience. Rather than trying to overthrow their human overlords with brute force, the machines quickly decide to undermine the tyranny of man in a more subtle way: by processing each ballot correctly as it is deposited.

11:36 PM EST: ‘Nobody’ wins the election by a landslide, distantly followed by the incumbent. Pundits perplexed by repeated references in President Obama’s comments to a ‘national funeral pyre of hope’. CNN anchor opines: “Maybe he’s talking about the tax rate?”

1:49 AM EST: Barack Obama, basking in the approval of his victory Reichsparteitag, suddenly peels off his mask, revealing an unmistakable visage, craggy and handsome, grinning a lopsided Texan grin. “Fool me once,” Obama says. “Shame on me. Fool me twice… fool me… you can’t get fooled again.”

2:18 AM EST: Obama rides through Washington DC in a victory float shaped like a drone. Competition winners from local elementary schools with big sacks of tomato ketchup get to play the Pakistani children joyfully liquefying in its wake. Obama licks an stray blob of fake blood off his hand. “Tastes like democracy.”

2:31 AM EST: Following the theoretical advances of Yang Hsien-chen, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney announce plans to ‘combine two into one’ by physically melding their two bodies, in a grotesque inversion of the process of mitosis. The resulting super-entity, Bamick Robamney, will reign over the vanquished peoples of Earth for a thousand years of blood and toil. A senior political analyst says: “It’s good to finally see some bipartisanship here in Washington.”

4:13 AM EST: Seventh Seal opens. Humanity shuffles towards its end with a weary contentment, knowing it’s all probably for the best.

The wit & wisdom of Mitt Romney

I support Mitt Romney for President, I really do. Obama’s been an unmitigated disaster; all the excesses of the Bush era with none of the entertainment value. If the President must be a painted whore for moneyed elites, he should at least be one that’s easy to hate. That said, it’s hard to shake off the feeling that, when it comes down to it, Romney is basically just another boring liberal who’s not going to attack Iran (let alone China) or ban women from wearing trousers or forcibly baptise Muslim immigrants in the Potomac – or, in short, do anything interesting. If that weren’t enough, the guy is just plain embarrassing, a one-man all-singing all-dancing globe-trotting gaffe machine. It’s as if he were possessed by the demon of maladroitness that formed, gibbering and cackling, out of the air of sexual tension that wafted through Joe Biden and Sarah Palin’s 2008 vice-presidential debate. It is my sad duty to add to the litany of indiscretions that dog Romney’s name. In publishing these genuine quotes, recorded in secret during his campaign, I know I may well be permanently scuppering his chances at the White House. I hope he can recover, but as ever my first duty is to the truth.

State-run healthcare will only ever sap the vigour and lust for life of the American people, leaving them feeble and emaciated, desiccated wretches capable only of grasping pitifully for the engorged teat of Momma Government, and dying gratefully when their life is deemed to no longer be of any utility. That’s why I did what I did.
– Mitt Romney, on his decision to institute a single-payer healthcare system while governor of Massachusetts

The lamentations of the weak will be a pleasing sound unto God.
– Mitt Romney, on his promise to repeal Obamacare

You want our children properly educated? You would show our young daughters photographs of an old man’s grotesquely distended scrotum? No, no. A new wife’s disappointment is a sacred thing.
– Mitt Romney, on abstinence-only sex education

You do get the feeling that they’re not really putting the effort in. Instead of whining about racism, why don’t they just turn white? It can’t be that hard. Obama managed it, for Christ’s sake.
– Mitt Romney, on African-Americans

Swamp Germans. Utterly degenerate.
– Mitt Romney, on the Dutch

The bastard sons of Turkish dogs and Slavic whores.
– Mitt Romney, on the Albanians

What? Where? No, I don’t see anyone. You must be mistaken.
– Mitt Romney, on the Palestinians

Oh, don’t be ridiculous. There’s no such thing. A story for children.
– Mitt Romney, on the Welsh

What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets. But enough talk… Have at you!
– Mitt Romney, on warrantless wiretapping

He’s a great kid. Nice ass, too.
– Mitt Romney, on his running mate Paul Ryan

We are the guardians and keepers of all suffering.
– Mitt Romney, on the LDS Church’s policy of posthumously baptising Holocaust victims

We are the guardians and keepers of all suffering.
– Mitt Romney, on the LDS Church’s practice of polygamy

We are the guardians and keepers of all suffering.
– Mitt Romney, on the LDS Church’s tendency to build enormous tacky temples in major cities

Feast! Feast, my brethren, feast! This world is given unto you!
– Mitt Romney, on the deregulation of the financial services sector

Like cattle, really. Not as tasty, though.
– Mitt Romney, on the human race

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