I write (but I’m trying to quit) & live in the UK (but I’m trying to leave).



Fever dreams:

The opinions of others
A creepy clown manifesto
The Harambe variations
A portrait of the Person-Guy
Why you’re not leaving London
Notes from the demonstration
Cheeky Nando’s, or, what went wrong?
A visit to the cereal café
The conspiracy theory of Disneyland

Sober political analysis:

Canción de Trump
White skin, black squares
The case for giving up
Melancholia after Fidel
How you lost the world
Meet the family
Notes towards a phenomenology of conspiracy theory
First as funny, then as die
How to politicise a tragedy
Why zionism is antisemitism

Art, literature, and film:

Teenage bloodbath: the 2010s in review
How I got these scars
How to disdain your dragon
Who is Niezy?
Writing and identity
The Englishman and the Octopus
The last of the cowboys
Why George W Bush is the greatest living painter

Essays of appreciation:

Why look at fire?
The company of geese
For the pangolin
How do you eat the world’s biggest pizza?

Ad hominems:

Scenes from the Žižek-Peterson debate
Voyage to the prison planet
JK Rowling and the Cauldron of Discourse
Nick Cohen is in your house
Neil deGrasse Tyson: pedantry in space
A Rihanna ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ video roundtable
Tony Blair, dread creature of the forbidden swamp
Why does Alain De Botton want us to kill our young?


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